Finally deleted all the spam comments on the blog, must have been more than 30. Deleting them all was a tough job.

Its amazing what ppl will do to increase their page ranking & stuff.

Well if u know of way to stop all this post spam for blogger, please leave ur suggestion. (No Spamming PLEASE)

Finally Finally Recieved My Ubuntu CDs

Well I finally received my 25 Ubuntu CDs I had ordered sometime in June, from :).

Didn’t receive as I had thought I would have, had to go to the Foreign Post Office at Ballard Estate in Mumbai. Those Custom people wanted me to PAY DUTY ON UNIVERSALLY FREE DISTRIBUTED LINUX CDs :o

The timings mentioned on their Call letter was 10:30-12:30 & I reached there by 10:45 and the lady who was to start the process arrived at a cool 11:30. It turned out she was the best person in the whole office, doing her work sincerely and truly helping everyone.

When I said that these were Linux CDs, they didn’t even know what it was and one of them thought it was a Porn CD :o because of the design of the Pack. How cheap minded.

There was one lady who understood what it was and asked me to bring the print out of the page which said it’s distributed freely at no Cost. I got her that, but the other fool valued those 25 CDs at INR 200 and the total pack cost to INR 5000 :o

But finally the Ass…

Ratings: Google Talk

The latest entrant to the world of IM’s is the Google Talk.

Well I don’t have the time and resources to Review it but from my experience of using it I did like to rate

Size & Resource Usage: 9/10; There’s no IM that comes in a 900 KB pack. The amount of resources it requires is just about 1/4th of that of Yahoo or MSN, it’s a boon for someone like me with ultra low resources
Interface: 7/10; Its typical simple Google Interface, simple and neat
Navigation: 6/10, Chatting with two people is really not that simple
Text Chat: 3/10, With nothing but plane jade text messaging where  text formatting is nothing more than using  _ & * for bold & italics with no colour or font change. Emotion icons the most important thing is missing.
Voice Chat: 7/10; It has great voice quality even on a 64 kbps connection

Overall: 5/10; Considering it’s the first ever Release and other IM’s already in they 7th version. The good thing is it has stuck to the open source Jabber protocol and not created it…

Finally Finally Microsoft Upgrades my MSN Account

Today when I logged in to my Hotmail MSN account I finally found my account upgraded to 25 MB. Thank GOD they finally did it. After all those mails to their customer service or even trying the. As just about I don’t care what this account has, because I got my accounts on Yahoo! And Gmail, which are way better than Hotmail MSN. As to what this accounts got is just invites from Microsoft Beta for Windows 2003 R2

The Account close and open hack never worked for me as it’s an account and not the traditional account

Well as to all those who haven’t here’s the link on how to do it: Convert your Hotmail Account to 250 MB

Cell phone Prices in India (August '05)

I-mate PDA2k      Rs.44,000
I-mate JAM      Rs.33,000

O2 XDA III         Rs.44,000       
O2 XDA LIS        Rs.41,000
O2 XDA II mini      Rs.30,000

Palm One
PalmOne Treo 600       Rs.28,000

N-8800      Rs.44,099       
N-9500      Rs.36,000       
N-9300      Rs.31,000
N-6680      Rs.26,500
N-7280       Rs.24,000
N-7600      Rs.22,000
N-6681        Rs.21,000
N-7710      Rs.20,500
N-6630      Rs.20,000
N-7200      Rs.18,500
N-7610      Rs.17,000       
N-7270      Rs.16,800       
N-3230      Rs.16,500       
N-6230i      Rs.16,000       
N-6670      Rs.15,000       
N-6230      Rs.14,500       
N-6170      Rs.14,000       
N-6260      Rs.14,000       
N-3660      Rs.12,500       
N-6600      Rs.12,500       
N-6820      Rs.12,000       
N-7260      Rs.11,500       
N-6220      Rs.11,000       
N-Gage      Rs.11,000       
N-6101      Rs.10,000       
N-6020      Rs.9,000
N-6021      Rs.8,000         
N-7250      Rs.8,000
N-3220      Rs.7,000         
N-6610i      Rs.7,000

London beats Paris to 2012 Games

The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London, the International Olympic Committee has announced.

London won a two-way fight with Paris by 54 votes to 50 at the IOC meeting in Singapore, after bids from Moscow, New York and Madrid were eliminated.

Paris had been favourites throughout the campaign but London's hopes were raised after an impressive presentation by Lord Coe, the bid chairman.

Prime Minister Tony Blair called the win "a momentous day" for Britain.

IOC president Jacques Rogge made the dramatic announcement at 1249 BST.

It will be the first time the Olympics has been held in Britain since 1948.

Coe said: "This is just the most fantastic opportunity to do everything we ever dreamed of in British sport."

After the announcement, it emerged London was ahead in every round of voting except the second round when Madrid polled the most votes.

News of London's victory delighted flag-waving supporters who had gathered in Trafalgar Square and Stratford in the Ea…