Finally Finally Recieved My Ubuntu CDs

Well I finally received my 25 Ubuntu CDs I had ordered sometime in June, from :).

Didn’t receive as I had thought I would have, had to go to the Foreign Post Office at Ballard Estate in Mumbai. Those Custom people wanted me to PAY DUTY ON UNIVERSALLY FREE DISTRIBUTED LINUX CDs :o

The timings mentioned on their Call letter was 10:30-12:30 & I reached there by 10:45 and the lady who was to start the process arrived at a cool 11:30. It turned out she was the best person in the whole office, doing her work sincerely and truly helping everyone.

When I said that these were Linux CDs, they didn’t even know what it was and one of them thought it was a Porn CD :o because of the design of the Pack. How cheap minded.

There was one lady who understood what it was and asked me to bring the print out of the page which said it’s distributed freely at no Cost. I got her that, but the other fool valued those 25 CDs at INR 200 and the total pack cost to INR 5000 :o

But finally the Assistant Collector cleared it for Zero Duty. Finally when it was time to collect the parcel, it was 4 O’clock and all the bigger officers had left and these CHEPAO’s got down to what they do best asking BRIBE. From the peon to the postal guy wanted money. It finally went down at INR 120.

Finally got the parcel. Time to walk out and that Octroi guy stepped in, demanding us to Pay Octroi on the parcel. I said when “Where the Hell did Octroi in Navi Mumbai” they replied it’s not the procedure you must be fill some form and I said give it to me I will fill it. The reply came they don’t have. I said it’s your job to keep it & if u don’t have it I am leaving.
Finally left and came home.

After all this I finally got my 25 Ubuntu CDs. Whoosh

For all those who wish to receive these free Ubuntu CDs visit: But mind u don’t order more than 5 CDs at a Time on the same name, or you might have to go through all this hell


Indyan said…
It is your fault babu.I had warned you
Jamuna said…
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cc Infopage said…
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Steve Westphal said…
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Anonymous said…
reached this blog accidently. Read about Ubuntu CDs. Muchhala story is really funny.I had ordered 50 CDs from Pune and received the parcel in 2 months time at my doorstep with no duties whatsoever. I did not pay a single paisa. Postman brought the parcel and delivered it to me. Obviously Pune has more educated post people and and less corruptible people outside. i would have thrown the parcel in their face if they would have asked for any money for sure.
Do try this -tell them you take the CDs home and they will let it go.Simple.

hemant datye

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